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مباراة منتخب مصر لكرة اليد القادمة

 The Egyptian national team match against Japan in Tokyo 2021

Egypt national handball team next match

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These are the expressions that the Egyptians write to look for the date of the Egyptian handball matches in the Tokyo Olympics 2021. Handball fans are sitting tight for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021, the Egyptian handball crew is planning for Egypt to play its third match in the Tokyo Olympics 2021 rivalries, and the third match will be against Japan on July 28

The date of the match between Egypt and Japan

Egypt will confront its Japanese partner at 7:30 am on Wednesday, July 28

The handball crew crushed Portugal 37-31 and lost to the title holders, Denmark, 32-27. The Egyptian group's draw brought about Egypt's handball presence in the gathering that incorporates Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Japan, and Bahrain. As per the Olympic framework, the initial four spots meet all requirements for the quarter-finals, and the Egyptian group prevailed with regards to being among the main 8 during the last World Cup rivalries that were held in Egypt.

The dates of the handball matches in the Tokyo Olympics 2021

The public handball crew plays its matches in the accompanying times, as per the hour of the capital, Cairo.

The Egyptian handball crew starts its Olympic mission by playing against Portugal on July 24 preceding confronting Denmark on July 26, Japan on July 28, Sweden on July 30 lastly confronting Bahrain on August 1.

The primary spot holder fits the bill for the final quarter in the Olympics, and the group tries to accomplish a decoration to help Egypt's main goal in the Tokyo Olympics.

The group's design incorporates 16 players, "Yahya Al-Dara, Ali Zain, Hassan Walid Qaddah, Ahmed Hisham (Dodo), Saif Al-Dara', Yahya Khaled, Ahmed Al-Ahmar, Muhammad Hisham Sanad, Ibrahim Al-Masry, Muhammad Mamdouh Hashem Hindawi, Al-Tayyar, Muhammad Ali, Omar Al-Wakeel (Bakar), Wissam Sami Nawar and Ahmed Adel.

The specialized staff comprises of Spaniard Barondo, mentor, Antonio Llorente, partner mentor, Vino Luzert, goalkeeper mentor, Dr. Mohamed Shawky, specialist for the public group, and Nour Abu Zeid as a mentor of the group.