أخبار ساخنة

Ismaily vs Enbi match

 Al-Shami and Ben Youssef at the head of the Ismaili attack to confront Enbi

Ihab Galal, the mentor of the Ismaili first football crew, declared the development of his group to confront Enppi in the gathering that unites them now in the 31st round of the Egyptian Association.

The Ismaili arrangement was as per the following:-

Goalkeeper .. Mohamed Sobhi
Guard line.. Mohamed Adel, Baher Al-Mohammadi, Marwan Sahrawi, Mustafa Al-Zinari
Midfield .. Mohamed Al-Darf, Imad Hamdy, Ahmed Madbouly, Mohamed Bayoumi
The hostile line: Fakhr Al-Commotion Canister Youssef, Muhammad Al-Shami.
On the seat are: Mohamed Magdy, Mostafa Admissions, Ahmed Mostafa, Mohamed
 Sadiq, I see Babel, Muhammad Ehab, Muhammad Nasr, Muhammad Abd al-Sami', Shukri Najib
The rundown saw the main appearance of the freshman Muhammad Ehab, brought into the world in 2003 after he was advanced during the last time frame and took part in preparing with the primary group.