Surprise about the Minister of Education

A new cabinet change, will the Minister of Education leave?

Surprise about the Minister of Education

As of late, we have heard many expressions and words about schooling in Egypt and the modernization of the school system in this period under the authority of the Priest of Training, Dr. Tarek Shawky. We likewise caught wind of a discussion about secondary school, whether the strategy for tests or questions, or the general review framework for secondary school understudies, and the issue, and the inquiry currently, considering impending pastoral corrections, and they will be declared in no time, what is the place of the Priest of Training, Tariq Shawky, will he proceed to Or will he be excused, or will he leave?

These inquiries spin in the personalities of numerous and they are anxious to know the response, and by speaking with a capable source who responded to this multitude of inquiries, the response was a shock, and the source expressed that there are various individuals, particularly guardians, anticipating the excusal of the Clergyman of Schooling, particularly with the emergencies that confronted the school system in the last period, while there are other people who accept that it is important to go on in his situation to finish the improvement venture he began in the schooling system

Serve excusal or not?

The source added that Dr. Tarek Shawky will stay in his situation and has not been excused or supplanted, to offer him a chance to finish what he began in the school system and address the issues confronting training in Egypt. He demonstrated that there will be an adjustment of various pioneers inside the Service of Schooling, for instance. Agent Priest for Specialized Schooling Issues, Dr. Muhammad Mujahid, will leave his situation, as will Agent Priest for Innovative Turn of events, Dr. Ahmed Daher, because of his disappointment in the document of secondary school tests, particularly the tablet tests, and the source closed, that the ecclesiastical reshuffle comes to excuse individuals from their positions and to stay away from the errors of the last stage. Furthermore, to put dire answers for the emergencies looked by society in the schooling document during the last time frame.

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