accidents Houda Bundooq accident

 The festival singer Houda was in a car accident

The singer of the ceremony, Mahmoud Mohammed, known as Huda Hazel, was in a car accident on Circular Street shortly before and was joined by his boss, Ahmed Al-Tahawi, because of a defective steering wheel.

Huda Binduq, who was joined by Ahmed Al Tahawi, was immediately transferred to a medical clinic, where they were really affected by the unfortunate incident, to lead basic assessments and be wary of their well-being.

It is worth mentioning that the celebratory singer "Huda Hazelnut" presented the reference melody for the film "Walk 30", in collaboration with the young craftsman Naoum Essam, where the melody bears the name of the person who was the worker of my dearest province and came out as a spot

Mahmoud Mohammed, who is referred to in the media as Huda Bandok, also wrote through his Facebook record. Book: "Praise God, Master of universes. reference melody for walk 30, in the voice of my sister and I, singer Noam."
Celebrating danger is a tremendous achievement.

Huda Bundock worked with the craftsman "Muslim" and presented a video entitled "Risk", which achieved more than 32 million perspectives in less than a month and a half.

Photos of the unfortunate incident

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