Amr Diab reveals the truth about his daughter

 Daughter of Amr Diab. My father does not spend a lot of money.

Amr Diab reveals the truth about his daughter

Nour Amr Diab, the daughter of the famous singer Amr Diab, posted a video clip on the "Instagram" website, and Nour spoke during the video. With the audience and respond to them, as you like to do during the fibers.

Norbert Amr Diab said during the Instagram Live about her father, explaining that she did not see him .. due to the spread of the Coronavirus .. and the closure that occurred between countries to prevent exposure to the virus, and was the main reason for the period of lack of vision. She added that there is communication between her father and Sherine Reda, whom she always talks to with her grandmother, and she always talks with them and sees them through video calls, and she talks with her mother via Live on Instagram.

Nouran confirmed to her father: "I am still fascinated by the song Nour al-Ain presented by her father, and I began to think of recording a video while I dance the same dance as my father, because this dance is one of the dances that she loves, especially since she is a fan of all kinds of dance .

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