Know more about windows 11

How to run Windows 11 after it was put on the market today.

Know more about windows 11

Today, Tuesday, the global company Microsoft is launching an announcement of Windows 11 for all compatible devices starting today , October 5, and the beta version of the operating system has already been launched for several months, and the final version is available to Windows Insider users. The new update is said to have easy navigation with a new look, new apps, and one of the most noticeable changes in Windows 11 is the taskbar, which looks like the taskbar on Mac, context menus, pop-ups, and windows with rounded corners. According to Microsoft, Windows eleven was built on the same basis as Windows 10 and is designed to run more efficiently on both touch and non-touch devices, and to help you get the latest version of Windows flawlessly. Windows eleven is compatible with all devices running Windows 10. To check if your device supports the Windows 11 update, download the Microsoft PC Health Check app on your computer, and it will give you all the required information. Microsoft announced the conditions for downloading the new system..Windows 11.. - 1 GHz processor, four GIGA byte RAM, sixty four GIGA byte storage, a graphics card that supports DirectX 12, and a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2. zero and 720p at a resolution. Microsoft suggests that for the best operating system upgrade experience to Windows 11, eligible devices should be running Windows 10 20H1 or later. One account connects your device via Microsoft apps and services like Office, OneDrive, Edge, and the Microsoft Store, and when you sign in with your Microsoft account on your new Windows eleven device , your files and data come with you.

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