Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives 2023 for Arab Accepting Blogger Blogs


Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives 2023 for Arab Accepting

Blogger Blogs

Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives 2023 for Arab Accepting Blogger Blogs

If you have no luck getting accepted for Adsense, or your website or blog content on Blogger is not compatible with Adsense

 There is nothing wrong with Adsense policy. In this article, you will learn about the best Adsense alternatives using my experience using some Arabic content companies in niches or different industries. So, if you are looking for a powerful and affordable alternative, I recommend that you first check the content of this article, which will greatly help you in your decision. Choosing the right company for you is Google Adsense Alternatives.

About Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is considered the most powerful company in the advertising market on websites and search engines. It is hard to find a better alternative than Google Adsense as it is one of the biggest companies in this field. Google Adsense was founded in 2006, so it is the oldest company and it is difficult to find a competitive Google Adsense alternative, but we have collected for you the best Google Adsense alternatives that you can trust to earn enough income, but knowing that. Adsense Alternative may not be better than Adsense, but it can be enough to compensate you with financial returns and the best Google Adsense Alternative is your choice among all the companies. Then you have to choose the best alternative yourself as I have provided you with all the information. All you need to know about each AdSense alternative is to read this article and decide which one is stronger and more profitable. AdSense alternatives.

  Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2023 for Arabic Content.

  The content of the article is arranged in the following sequence. To decide the best AdSense alternative, you should focus on the pros and cons of the AdSense alternative and not make a random choice between the best alternatives available. I hope the articles you get from this article are the best of Google AdSense by knowing and exploring the alternatives.

  1. Advertisement.

  2. Yllix.

  3. Screw ads.

  4. Jubna.

  5. PopAds.

  6. sales hits.

  7. PopCash.

  8. Ad-Maven:


  10. Disadvantage:

    Anonymous Ads is an advertising company. 


It is one of the famous companies that I have experience with different websites and content in Arabic language. It is a reliable company and I started working in 2011. The idea of ​​the company is based on me. Trading bitcoins with advertisers and publishers, meaning if you have a business and want to advertise with them, you will pay them in bitcoins, and if you are a publisher who wants to withdraw your earnings, you will withdraw them in bitcoins and some other cases. digital currencies Adsense is one of the best Adsense alternatives so far, although it offers the highest ROI among Adsense alternatives. However, any AdSense alternatives should be mentioned

  Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising, Alternatives to Google Adsense.

  • The minimum payment in the company is 0.0001 bitcoin, which is 35 dollars today, but the price of bitcoin changes every day, so the minimum limit changes.

  • Available payment methods are "Bitcoin - Litecoin - Ethereum" digital currencies.

  • The types of ads available in the company are banner ads or ad units of various sizes.

  • The company features free domain hosting for bloggers and does not require traffic or a paid domain.

  • In addition, one of the advantages of the company is that it pays for both impression rate (cpm) and clicks (cpc).

  • Company announcement on how to sign in and out of YouTube. Click to move.   

  •       Company registration linkone from here .  

Yllix is ​​the best alternative to Google Adsense.



    One of the companies that I have experience with is this company that was founded in 2012 and is reliable and one of the benefits that you won't find in any other Adsense alternative is the daily payment of your earnings from others. find also paypal minimum payment is only $1 and google adsense minimum payment is $100 so here are the rest of the company details that make this company a strong competitor for adsense. Here we also find the company that pays you daily and unlike all Google Adsense alternatives, you will not find any other company that pays you daily and let us know the best Google Adsense alternative.

  Features of Yllix, Google Adsense Alternative.

  • This company displays different types of ads, including banner ads of various sizes - pop-up ads - direct link ads or direct links - ads for phones - browser notification ads for visitors

  • The minimum payout with this company is only $1 via PayPal.   

  • Payment methods available for the company are: "Paypal - Bitcoin - Pioneer, minimum amount 50 USD - Pisa".

  • The company offers the possibility to pay the winnings every day, i.e. Sunday winnings, the company sends them to you on Monday, etc.

  • The company accepts free blogger domains and paid domains and the company does not need to verify the site. Just place the ad unit on the site and start advertising directly.

  • To see the site description, registration and proof of payment.from here « .

  • ;Company registration link yllix from here

    Google Adsense alternative to Google Adsense PropellerAds. 


This company started its business in 2010 and is very popular, therefore reliable and guaranteed in payment, however, like other companies, it has some advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when registering and using the company, so you should be sure its pros and cons and Whether it suits you and the company is considered one of the best alternatives to Adsense companies, but of course, it has its pros and cons and is still among the strongest Adsense alternatives in the arena, so let's move on. get to know the nuances of the company.

The company's trading name has been changed to Montag Company and it continues to operate with the same policy, just with a name change, so don't be surprised.

  Pros and Cons of Montag, AdSense Alternatives.

  •       The company doesn't have banner ads or Google Adsense dimensional ad units because they don't exist, but there are pop-up ads and other ads like browser notifications, direct links, and full-screen ads.   

  •       The company accepts all blogs and websites with different links like B.Google Adsense.   

  •       The minimum payout for PropellerAds is $100, just like Google Adsense. This can be one of the downsides because $100 is not an easy amount to collect.   

  •       To see the website description, registration, and proof of payment "here".   

  •       Company registration linkPropellerAds from here.   

    Juana cheese company for advertising with the same content. 


    It is an Arab company, but it is not a competitor of AdSense, because in any other advertising company, it is possible to place this type of advertisement, and if he only uses this type of advertisement, you will not get much profit, because it uses them to promote articles and articles. for: s and I'm sure you've seen this type of ad on one of the popular sites.

Honestly, I can't say that Cheese Company is the best Google Adsense alternative for several reasons, including the fact that the company only has one type of ad, and of course, this is unlike all the Google Adsense alternatives that offer many different. suggests. advertising methods and other features.

  AdSense Alternative Pros and Cons of Jubna Cheese.

  •       The company only accepts paid domains ie. H. If your blog link is a Blogspot link, it will not be accepted by the company.   

  •       Only one type of advertising is relevant content advertising. 

  •       The minimum payment in the company is only 50 dollars, unlike Google Adsense.   

  •       The company's payment methods are Paypal and Pioneer, unlike Google Adsense.   

  •       Sometimes the company rejects websites because they have less traffic than Google Adsense.  

  •       The registration link is inside the cheese company here.   

    PopAds is the best alternative to Google Adsense. 


    To be honest, and without further ado, this company has one advantage, the minimum fee is only 5 dollars, which is a small amount, but it is at the bottom of the race with other companies, because they do not offer anything. Different types of ads, only pop-up ads are important. The type of ad is considered to be the most annoying for visitors and the lack of a second type that can be used leaves you confused about whether to use them or not.

    Pros and Cons of PopAds Cheese Company is the best alternative to Google Adsense.      

  •         You can easily accept the company. After submitting your page, unlike Google Adsense, it will be verified and accepted in no time.     

  •         The company accepts domains for free blogger blogs like Google Adsense.    

  •         The minimum payment in the company is only 5 dollars, which is much less than the minimum of Google Adsense.     

  •         Payment methods are PayPal as opposed to Google Adsense.     

  •         EnterPop advertising company from here.     

      Adsense alternative income Google Adsense alternative hits.   



    One of the most popular Google Adsense alternatives currently in use and it is also a giant in this industry and similar to PropellerAds in its pros and cons as they are two competing companies in this industry, but one that sets it apart in RevenueHits, there is something. individually.

  RevenueHits is one of the Google Adsense alternatives.

  • The company accepts blogger blogs like Google Adsense.

  • Unlike Google Adsense, the minimum payout is only $50.   

  •   The company makes the last payment on the 30th of each month.  

  • Unlike Google Adsense, it allows you to pay via Paypal, Pioneer, and bank transfers.  

  • short business sales hits    

    An ad-Maven advertising company is one of the alternatives to Google Adsense. 

    Ad-maven is considered a strong competitor in the advertising space and is considered to be one of the strongest alternatives to Google Adsense as it serves multiple types of ads including pop-up ads, push notifications, and full ads. display ads, as well as subscription ads in browser notifications and this Company, pays publishers using the CPC system, CPM system, and CPA system. Therefore, it may be suitable for some publishers.

  Advantages of Ad-maven is one of the Google Adsense alternatives.

  •   The ability to withdraw your winnings from the company every 14 days, knowing that the minimum withdrawal limit is only $50.   

  •    The company offers Paypal and Payoneer payment methods, unlike Google Adsense which does not provide these features.   

  •   You can easily use this company with other competing companies i.e. any of the Google Adsense alternatives. advertising is one of the alternatives to Google Adsense. 


    To be honest, I have never tried this company, but it is one of the alternatives to Google Adsense competitors, but I will tell you what I know about it. The company checks your site within 48 hours and mostly approves it, but they don't accept free blogger blogs and require a paid domain and the minimum fee is $100. Like other companies, it offers the same payment methods as PayPal and Pioneer.

  Adversal Advertising Company is one of the most popular alternatives to Google Adsense.



    If your blog or website content is in a foreign language or if your visitors are foreigners, you will make a lot of profit with this company because it is a strong competitor to Google Adsense, but its profit on Arabic content is much less because that most of the company Advertisers are from the west and the company requires that your website has no less than 500,000 visitors per month.

  Advantages of Adversal - Competitor and Alternative to Adsense.

  •       The company pays all publishers every 15 days until the minimum payout reaches $20.   

  •       Unlike Google Adsense, the company supports PayPal and bank transfer payments, as PayPal is not allowed.   

  •       One of its disadvantages is the difficulty of accepting new Arabic sites without visitors.

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