Universities Coordination 2021

 Universities coordination 2021 and engineering minimum 85%

Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Pastor of Advanced education and Logical Exploration.

 uncovered the subtleties of planning the principal period of admission.

 to colleges in a joint 

effort with colleges 2021, taking note that the main stage starts next Saturday.

 August 21, and will go on for 5 days through the coordination site.

and PC labs in colleges to get the desires of fruitful.

 understudies from secondary school.

 General 2021 in schools and establishments.

The Pastor reported, during the question and answer session held today.

 Tuesday, to declare the aftereffect of the overall auxiliary school 2021.

 within the sight of Dr. Tariq Shawky, 

Clergyman of Schooling, that the base coordination of colleges 2021 in the primary stage will be 88.4%

 for understudies of the Logical Division. 

80% for the Games Science Division..and 65.7% Abstract Division.

 Abdel Ghaffar additionally anticipated that the base affirmation should universities.

 facilitated by colleges, 2021.

 for secondary school understudies 2021.

 will be between 7 to 10% this year.

 dissimilar to the earlier year.

 which saw an expansion in the base.

 and all-out sections for secondary school understudies.

 The Pastor of Advanced education made sense that Dr. Tarek Shawky..

 Pastor of Training, gave over the service to the service.

 because of 650,000 understudies in the functioning auxiliary school and over 600,000.

understudies in the specialized testament.

making sense that there is extraordinary coordination with the Service of Training.

 focusing on that there are orders from President Sisi. 

This won't squander the work of the understudies

Abdel Ghaffar likewise focused on the variety of training feeders in the college framework.

in Egypt during the previous years, given the orders of President Sisi, 

demonstrating that there are presently numerous assorted colleges.

 including private, private, global, and administrative, and their spread all through Egypt.

Tariq Shawky, Priest of Instruction and Specialized Training.

demonstrated that the coordination of admission to designing resources for a logical

 and sports division begins from 80% for fruitful understudies from secondary school 2021.

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