Sherihan's second daughter

 Sherihan's second daughter gave birth to her after the Hajj, despite the doctors' guesswork

The name of the renowned craftsman as of late bested the patterns on Google, after she recounted the narrative of her bringing forth her subsequent girl, in a persuasive message to her during her birthday festivity, depicting the matter as a wish on the lips of her more seasoned sister who wanted for a sister to play with her, which was difficult for her since she realizes that it was difficult to do as such. Before the specialists told her it was unimaginable

Sherihan proceeded with the clever after that by saying, "around the same time, December 2008, I went to play out the two journeys while I was in my tent. I requested you from my Ruler, and I read Surat Maryam and told my Master, I will name her Mary or the following of the Blessed Qur'an, so my Master gave me His gift because with Him the sky is the limit, and you were my petition replied.

Sherihan added: "I illuminated my PCPs, and they shared with me, it is preposterous and unthinkable, pregnancy makes the sickness dynamic and savage in its spread and unimaginable, and for the decision to pick and I pick between two things:

 raising and dealing with Humdinger or giving it to a sibling or sister, so I picked the endowment of my Master and I let them know He knows and you don't have the foggiest idea, the gift. It won't be dismissed, not to mention assuming it is from the Most Kind, the Most Lenient, and he shared with you, "Be my request."

Sherihan's message to her daughter Talia

Sherihan closed her words to her young girl, following the Qur'an, by saying: "Consistently, you are great, benevolence, mending, harmony, future and expectation for later, my darling, your sister's desire, and my addressed supplication, following the Heavenly Qur'an."

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