Nile Nassar

 Nile Nassar Egypt has the strongest equestrian team in the Middle  East and the Arab world, and we can win the gold 

The site of the Olympic Games "Tokyo 2020" rehashed past articulations by Egyptian rider Nile Nassar, subsequent to meeting all requirements for the singular finals in the equestrian contests at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, in the wake of taking part in the main round rivalries that were held today with the support of 75 knights, and the last rivalries will be held tomorrow, and his splendor in The equestrian individual qualifier and completed his endeavor without mistakes in 88.42 seconds.

Nassar said, in the proclamations revealed by the Olympic site after his capability, that the qualifiers were an extraordinary second, and we had the most grounded equestrian group in the Middle Easterner world. Clear when it makes the biggest difference.

Nassar brought up that the objective of the Egyptian equestrian group is to win the gold decoration in the Tokyo Olympics after a long nonappearance, and since possessing the fourth spot in Rome 1960 and winning the country's most memorable Olympic decoration in equestrian, focusing on that we, as the Egyptian group, comprise of an expert gathering, trying to win gold.

The Egyptian equestrian group got the attention at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games after the pair, Nael Nassar and Mohamed Taher Ziada, qualified for the last of the singular showjumping contests, in the midst of the support of 75 of the best racers on the planet .

Pictures from the tournament

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