The date of the Al-Ahly match today

 The date of the Al-Ahly match with Wadi Degla and the carrier channels for the match

The Egyptian Association contests return to the 2021 season to play after the Olympic group bid goodbye to the Olympic Games rivalries by Brazil, which crushed our group with a spotless objective during the gathering that was held between them on Saturday evening

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The date of the Al-Ahly and Watercourse Degla match in the Egyptian Association

Al-Ahly will confront its partner Watercourse Degla next Wednesday at nine o'clock at night Cairo time and ten PM Mecca time on the grounds of Al-Salam Arena in the Al-Ahly delayed rivalries in the Egyptian Chief Association 2020-2021. The timetable of Al-Ahly matches in the association - Al-Ahly against the Tigris Valley, in the first matches on August 4 at Al-Ahly Arena - Al-Ahly and Ceramica Cleopatra, at nine o'clock at night on Saturday 7-8-2021, at "Al-Ahly we are harmony" arena inside the delayed cycle 23. Al-Ahly and Ismaili, at nine o'clock at night on Wednesday 11-8-2021 at Alexandria Arena, inside the matches of cycle 29. Al-Jaish at nine o'clock on Tuesday 17-8-2021, at Suez Arena, as a component of the 31st round matches.

- Al-Ahly and Al-Masry at nine o'clock on Friday 20-8-2021, at Alexandria Arena, as a feature of the 32nd round matches.

- Al-Ahly and El-Gouna Uhud on 23-24/8/2021, inside the matches of Cycle 33

- Al-Ahly and Aswan Uhud on 26-27/8/2021, inside the 34th and last round matches

Channels that broadcast the Al-Ahly and Aqueduct Degla match

On Game channel communicates the Al-Ahly and Watercourse Degla match in a live and restrictive transmission on its gathering of channels

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