Mohamed Salah's achievements in the English Premier League

A plentiful offensive harvest for Mujad Salah with Liverpool in the  English Premier League

The Egyptian global Mohamed Salah, through his profession in the English Chief Association, figured out how to make himself a radiant hostile imprint in the most renowned contests on the planet, after he drove the scoring scene in the beyond four seasons, in which he brought home the top scorer championship in two versions and contended unequivocally in one.

The Liverpool group, who plays among its Egyptian global positions, Mohamed Salah, will begin his profession in the English Chief Association for the new season 2021/2022 with a showdown against Norwich City in the gathering that will occur at six-thirty PM today, Saturday, at the "Caro Street" arena, in which the Reds look for major areas of strength for a. After reestablishing his cautious strength, he missed most of last season's matches because of injury

Liverpool dominated their last five matches last season to complete the association in the semi-finals after a slippery objective, and confronting Norwich gives Jurgen Klopp's group a chance to expand on that inspiration.

Mohamed Salah desires to lead the Liverpool assault to contend again for the title of top scorer in the English Chief Association, which he figured out how to win two times previously and was near getting the third during the last season, which he lost to Harry Kane in the last round by a solitary objective distinction.

Mohamed Salah's accomplishments with Liverpool this season

The seventh day screens the astonishing hostile gather of Pharaoh Mohamed Salah in the English Chief Association

Number of matches: 158

Number of wins: 107

Misfortune times: 21

Number of objectives: 97

Left-footed objectives: 79

Right-footed objectives: 12

Heading objectives: 6

Punishment objectives: 13

Pro Number: 34

Shots: 562

Shots on the objective: 249

Number of crosses: 228

Brilliant Boot two times: 2017-2018/2018-2019

Player of the time: 2017-2018

He brought home the championship once: 2019-2020

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