Here is the ascetic and her mother on the CBC screen

Here Zahid and her mother are together on the screen with Mona El-Shazly on CBC

The artist Hana Al-Zahid finished filming a special episode with her mother, Sherine Al-Manzalawi, in their first appearance together, with the media, Mona El-Shazly, on the “With You” program on CBC, and the artist Mohamed Kilani also appears in the episode, and she sings here during the episode and reveals many secrets about her life and relationship. Her husband Ahmed Fahmy

Here, the ascetic denied the rumors of the past few days

 What's more, here austere had denied to "The Seventh Day" the bits of gossip that turned out in the previous days, about her pregnancy, after she showed up with abundance weight at the wedding of Israa Al-Adl, which was held last week, and she said the subject of my pregnancy isn't genuine, however, I really weighed 3 kilos. This is the thing made individuals discuss the chance of pregnancy

Hana Al-Zahid demonstrated that she was shocked by the insight about her pregnancy, making sense of that she got messages from her adherents for her on the "Instagram" site, saluting her on the pregnancy, making sense of that the plan of the dress she was wearing showed her some additional weight, saying that assuming I was pregnant I would sit moving and skipping for the length of satisfaction like this, sure no

Significantly, Hana Al-Zahid took part in her most memorable outright title in the TV show, this year through the series "Helwat Al-Dunya Sukkar", coordinated by Khaled Al-Halafawi. What's more "There is no sorcery or want," "9 moves toward a man's heart," "Tell Ahmed," "On the off chance that I was the day I would fail to remember you," and "My all the best and congrats." He partook in every account of an alternate legend from the other.


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