Juventus tied with Inter Milan

 Juventus tied with Inter Milan, a positive tie 1-1

Juventus, led by their specialist boss Massimiliano, continued their frustrating results in Serie A, after neglecting any victory during the competition's first four rounds,

 after Sunday night's draw against AC Milan, 1-1, at the Allianz Arena.

Furthermore, Opta was a major authority in monitoring measurements and expressed that Juventus did not prevail in winning during calcio's main rounds for the fourth time

 in their test group, after the 1942-1943, 1955-1956, and 1961-1962 seasons.

Juventus linked the first meeting with Udinese with two goals each, then lost two games to Empoli with a goal as a result, and then fell to Napoli 2-0.

Alvaro Morata scored Juventus' main goal in the fourth minute of the game, and Resc Rebić scored Milan's equalizer in the 76th minute.

With this result, Milan shares the best position in the Serie A standings with neighbors Puri Milan, with 10 concentrations each,

 while Juventus are falling to 18th place in the standings this season with two positions, after neglecting any victory in the competition to date.

Milan's winning streak, led by coach Stefano Pioli this season, was halted after a draw with Juventus, after scoring nine penalties from the first three matches.

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