High school result, second round

 A grievance was made against the result of the secondary school certificate, the second section, after its appearance

In the coming days, the Ministry of Education and Technical Education will allow criticism towards the result of over-college for the second college after its appearance on Tuesday, where university students can charm the result electronically by the monetary controls when the result of the football primary.

Minister of Education and Technical Education Tarek Shawk said that the ministry will announce the results of the second football session of the preferred secondary evaluations 2020-2021, starting at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, September 21, on the corresponding hyperlink because the result is real, with sincere desires to achieve it.

The High School Department began receiving complaints from 2021 high school students complaining about the outcome of the football primary school, for the second time, despite following precautionary procedures for coronavirus and wearing a clinical mask, and preventing the student from entering via cellular smartphone with inside the viewing rooms, bringing the original quantity card or passport across the country to the student, his father or mother. The order is to confirm the identification of each of them, explaining that it allows the student, father, or mother to examine the babel chit solution sheet with inside the sad material and take an overview of the patch manually.

The Ministry noted that the pupil, father, or mother give an envelope containing a copy of the Babylon paper papers for the materials in question and attach it to the form of a record in which the pupil, father, or mother write their observations on almost every subject, similar to a publication containing the correction keys for each look in the form of materials explaining the distribution of materials. Score questions, student, father, or mother overview of the correction process, take notes, refer to them and provide them with document relief (Babylon paper papers, publish patch keys.

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